Geek Trivia Halloween Edition


People, please!

Prepare your perspicacity for a prompt proofing of your geekly proficiency. Place your play on who will proceed with prosperity and pride and who will plummet to a persona of poisonous presence. So punch in and play to prove your persevering psyche. (That P is silent, so you will have to use your pimagination.)

This month’s Geek Trivia is brought to you by the letter “P”. Unreasonable Action and the Arrow and Loon Pub are teaming up once again for the 3rd installment of GEEK TRIVIA. This month’s theme is HORROR. Questions will focus around everything horror, so bone-up on your horror movie, comic and book knowledge.

We promise it will be as much fun as last time and 34% easier (we have been crunching numbers for the last two weeks). Also, we encourage people to dress up and there will be Prizes for best Costume.

When: October 29th from 7:00 to 9:00
Where: Arrow and Loon Pub, 99 Fifth Avenue in the Glebe
Cost: FREE (accepting donations for the Robert “Bob” Patterson LEGO Group with Autism Ontario – Ottawa Branch)

We are taking Reservations for groups of six. You can e-mail us at, or get in contact with us via Facebook and join the Event.